See where Joyce’s creations take you!

The best food always has you craving for more. Just ask Joyce!

Joyce Aragon is an award-winning baker and food enthusiast best known for her delightful line of natural, homemade food.

Her road to culinary greatness began in the early 90s, when her grandmother gave her the recipe for American Southern Rum Cake during one of her visits to the states. With the recipe in tow, Joyce started sending cakes out as gifts to friends. Through word of mouth (although we insist, it’s taste-in-mouth), she started making her mark on the food scene.

Joyce soon grew the whole project into an incredibly successful business which continues to make waves today.

On top of her famous cakes, she’s also known for her Original Dulong in Olive Oil and Garlic. Introduced in 1996, the dish has inspired a number of imitators with its unique take on the native fish. It was even featured in Food Magazine’s 1998 cover and hailed Pasta Discovery of the Year for its sheer novelty and original taste.

Not one to ever stop innovating, Joyce’s line has since expanded to include Queso de Bola Spreads, Queso de Bola Crisps, Portobello Mushroom Dip, Butterscotch Nibblers, Oatmeal Crisps, and Freshly Baked Melba Toast among others.

Racking up awards from Food Magazine and the Philippine Daily Inquirer throughout the 2000s, Joyce proves that real flavor stands the test of time.

One taste truly leads to another!