Joco Balm of Bees is a homemade topical ointment used for three generations in the founder’s family.

Joco is named after a boy who is proof the ointment’s efficacy. Joco’s back suffered from extreme burns due to exposure to hot water, but in less than a week after using this ointment his skin went back to normal and left no scars.

Today, you can experience the benefits of using Joco Balm of Bees, a 100% organic healing ointment made only out of locally sourced ingredients including bee propolis, beeswax, coconut oil, and herbal extracts. Joco Balm of Bees can be used to treat muscle cramps, rheumatic and arthritic pain, muscle nad joint pains, headaches, stiff neck, insect bites, strains, minor sprains, first-aid treatment for burns and several other skin diseases.

Joco Balm of Bees should be a staple in every household, first-aid kit, and travel kit. Get yours Joco Balm of Bees Now!