Jacob’s Well Brewing Co. is a well of life and flavor.

Jacob’s Well Brewing Co. was founded on two siblings’ love for their dad. The idea sprung from the siblings’ search for a lesser caffeine alternative for their father.

Driven by passion, and the joy in creating and developing things from scratch, they began brewing their own Chai. And in May 2016, they formally launched Jacob’s Well Brewing Co.

Jacob’s Well is inspired by a character from the bible as it symbolizes the business’ mission to continuously participate in life-giving advocacies. “Well” is a source of water, and when there is water, there is life, a belief that Jacob’s Well stands for and upholds as it aims to transform lives through the business of creating artisan Chai teas.

Today, Jacob’s Well Brewing Co. continues to give aid and partner with missionaries to uplift rural communities. The business also plans to support programs that aim to provide potable water to rural areas.

Indeed, Jacob’s Well Brewing Co. is true to its business model as it provides life to both tummies and communities in need.