Elegance Redefined

A bride’s best friend – that is how one would see Intissimo at first glance.

Sanmae & Rachel, the makers of Intissimo, decided to cater to the wedding industry they saw a lack of attention given to bridal boudoir. But the brand started out in Jaunary 2018 as a pursuit of wanting to empower women to feel confident.

It’s not just a bride’s best friend, but a woman’s elegant companion. What sets Intissimo apart from other boudoir clothing lines is their meticulous attention to detail. Each robe is intricately handmade and carefully designed to cater to each client’s needs and preference, making sure that all designs are on hand.

They take pride in seeing women radiate confidence and elegance while wearing an Intissimo dressing gown. Nothing brings Sanmae & Rachel more joy than to be a boudoir partner to their clients during their wedding day and honeymoon.

They have signature classics like the “Arianna” satin silk robes, intricately designed with flare sleeves. A first of its kind in the industry, the flare sleeves project a playful yet classy feel.

“Sofia” is a delicately handcrafted lace robe paired with a full lace ribbon to make Intissimo brides feel ethereal in their dressing gown.

“Bella” is a beautiful combination of casual and classy. Its chiffon finish makes it wearable even on casual trips to the beach, but it also transforms into a classic boudoir wear at night.

Intissimo is really all about bringing out the inner most sensuality of each woman, portraying the beauty of self-confidence, self-love and body positivity. Enhance your inner elegance with Intissimo.