Make life sweeter with Hurno’s homemade Filipino sweets

It all began with my mom’s baking. When we were kids, she loved baking for us and always gave us baon for school. During college, my blockmates often asked me to bring over puto so that they would have something to munch on when they got hungry during class.

When I started the business, I was (and still am) an active volunteer of Yabang Pinoy, a non-governmental organization that aimed to promote nationalism and nation-building. I asked our Managing Directress if she wanted to order some of our products. Since then, it has became tradition to have puto, banana bread or polvoron in almost every event of Yabang Pinoy.

Through the encouragement and support of our close friends, we decided to officially start the business. In August 2016, we were given the opportunity to become part of the Global Pinoy Bazaar. We consider this date as the founding day of our business, since this was when we first introduced our brand name and logo.

As a home brand of Yabang Pinoy, we wanted to come up with a good name that had strong Filipino influences. Hurno is the Tagalog translation of oven. We came up with this idea, as most of our homemade Filipino sweets are baked in an oven.

We pride ourselves as an advocate and volunteer of Yabang Pinoy. More than our name and our products, it is our commitment to nationalism that makes our brand stand out. We want to tell our customers that through their support for our brand, they also support our advocacy.

When we launched Hurno, our goal was just to introduce our products to more people. Step by step we have achieved this goal by joining bazaars. Joining bazaars is a learning experience. We’ve received feedback from customers and have used it to improve our products.

Selling online is a huge step for us. Hopefully, we will also be able to tap different local coffee shops to carry our products in their stores. Through this, we can expand our market and start to introduce even more products.