All-natural cleaning vinegar

Did you know that Mother Nature has already given us one of the most effective ways to clean the home? Before the use of harsh commercial cleaning products, there was a safe, home-grown solution to keeping a healthy and clean home – all natural vinegar. 

Since almost all vinegar products in the market today are tainted with chemical additives, Healthy Kleen is proud to produce the only all-natural cleaning vinegar made from 100% pure sugar cane. healthy kleen is so safe that you don’t need to worry about using it around the kids, pets and even your food - because it IS food! Whether you use it on your floors, windows, countertops, bathrooms or kitchen, our awesome cleaning vinegar is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial by nature. Keep your home healthy and clean - give your home a healthy kleen.


Healthy Kleen is an environmentally friendly alternative line of cleaning products made from all-natural cane vinegar, which contain zero chemicals or additives.

As a versatile all-purpose cleaner, you can use Healthy Kleen in your kitchen - whether it’s stained pots & pans, countertops, and appliances or in bathroom, on tiles, toilets, sinks, glass and mirrors, there are hundreds of ways our cleaning vinegar keeps your home clean and healthy. 

With vinegar as one of its main ingredients, Healthy Kleen has inherent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that allow it to not only clean all types of surfaces, but ensure that it is properly disinfected as well.