Handcrafted Goodness

HBN Soapworks uses local ingredients with traditional medicinal value to make artisanal and natural soaps that nourish the skin.

Derived from the Hiligaynon word, "Habon", which means soap, and launched in 2014, HBN Soapworks concocts variants by mixing local products, herbs, and spices that are not found in regular soaps and shampoos.

The Crema Blanca soap, which is a fusion of jicama (singkamas) and radish, and Dolce Vita, the “star” of all the variants that mixes tomatoes and peppermint, are all handcrafted right out of the box.

In the future, HBN Soapworks plans to expand and create more products with higher social impact while providing a better source of livelihood to women and indigent communities.