Stephanie Trays Set Of 2

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Comes as a set of 2. 100% natural plant fiber.

Ways the Stephanie Trays can enhance your home and life:
1. Organize your vanity table once and for all with these lovely basket trays
2. Keep toiletries corralled in the bathroom without sacrificing style
3. Display your favorite items on the coffee table, candles, books, photos, souvenirs on top of the Stephanie trays
4. Keep accessories like belts, underwear, and scarves in your closet organized but easily seen
5. Keep spices and condiments from going rogue in the kitchen counter top or cabinets
6. Place plates, bowls, and kitchen gadgets within easy reach in the kitchen
7. Arrange table napkins and silverware on the Stephanie tray during buffet dinners at home for a beautiful set up for your guests.
8. Breakfast in bed..... need we say more?

Product care: Do not submerge in water for long periods of time. If product gets wet, air dry it. Spot clean with water or brush away dirt with an old dry tooth brush.

Materials: 100% natural plant fiber
Color: Natural
Dimensions: Small - 12" length x 10" width x 3" height, Large - 14" length x 11" width x 4.5" height
Weight: 400g

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