Greenola: Healthy and Affordable Snacks

A healthy lifestyle can be difficult to achieve when you are living in the metro. Most of the time, the healthier choices just aren't accessible. Greenola wanted to break that mold through their products. Healthy and affordable is the name of the game!

The founders, passionate about food and business, naturally took to the new brand- offering great value while offering a healthy alternative to the usual snacks. It was of the utmost importance to make the products readily accessible, giving shoppers a viable, guilt-free, healthy, and affordable snack alternative.

Greenola launched on August 2015 at the BF Saturday Market in BF Homes, Parañaque. Through weekend markets and bazaars, they had fine tuned their product offerings. Their product line currently ncludes granola in four different flavours (Berry Nutty Banana, Carrot Cake, Superseed, and Brownie), all-natural Pitted Dates, Cacao Nibs super food, Nutty and Nice candied nuts, and a variety of trail mixes—Cacaonut, A-B-Seedy, Great Wall-nut, Nutty de Choco, and Tropical Nut. We also customize giveaways, souvenirs, and other party favors.

Their products contain healthy calories and antioxidants which are needed to stay healthy and fit. For example, Nutty and Nice is a healthy spin on traditional candied nuts. This medley of pecans, walnuts, almonds, and cashews is made healthier with caramelized organic coconut sugar and virgin pink Himalayan salt.

Start to live healthy with Greenola's healthy and affordable snacks.