Sap coconut vinegar

Organic Coconut Sap Vinegar 150 mL

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100% certified organic, Coconut vinegar is also made from the sap of the coconut tree and is similar to the fresh coconut water. Naturally fermented coconut vinegar is rich in minerals and vitamins such as Beta carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. Raw, unfiltered organic coconut vinegar is similar to the one that is fermented naturally. Coconut Vinegar has an alkalizing effect in the body, much the same as apple cider vinegar. Although vinegar is an acidic food, when it is metabolized by the body, it becomes alkaline producing.

Ingredients: Organic coconut sap

Weight: 150mL

Shelf Life/Expiration Date: Store in dry place at ambient temperature and away from direct sun light. Some settling will occur because of natural ingredients and process. Product shelf-life is 2 years

General Usage: In addition to with your favorite dressings and marinades Can be used as internal cleansing program. Can be used by people with dietary restrictions eg: vegetarians & vegans Great add-in for sweet sauces and Asian dishes. Good ingredient in pickled papaya, as a dip in chicharon and other snack and food preparation.

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