Greenlife Coconut Products Philippines Inc. Products

The passion of my father in pursuing coconut business in order to help our fellow coconut farmers inspired us to start GreenLife. Later on, this company became the tool in order to develop more innovative products from coconut like Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Cider vinegar, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Sap Aminos and many more products. GreenLife became the leading role  for coconut farmers to produce not only the low value copras but also to develop more healthy products from Coconut.  

We were able to change lives because of the coconut tree. It did not only change our life but it also changes the lives of our coconut farmers partner suppliers, our employees and our community.  These products  reach not only the Philippines but also other countries such as Malaysia, China, South Korea, France, USA and UAE. Because of the health benefits of the coconut products it changes the life of our customers as well, we heard testimonies from them how effective this product to their allergies, illnesses and how it make their more energetic and lively.