GREAT (Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation) of WOMEN is a brand platform dedicated to the economic empowerment of women. As a brand platform, it merges capacity development and enterprise collaboration to create access to global market.

GREAT Women looks for gaps in the supply chains and harnesses public-private partnership to address these gaps resulting to value creation and empowerment of women microenterprises.

Our difference is in our national platform that is linked with government and non-government agencies everywhere. We believe in raising our traditional aesthetics towards a larger international market through the following techniques:
• Innovation of raw materials to give them modern relevance.
• Reinventing of the color palette to suit the urban lifestyle.
• Combining heritage with international materials and ingredients.
• Embellishment of traditional products to increase their perceived value.

In 2017, GREAT Women began its journey to bridge this gap through the exchange of experiences in product development, sales and marketing, branding and retail merchandise with various agencies nationwide whose main thrust is the empowerment and further development of each Filipino as an artisan. Their skills in weaving, sewing, embroidery, and needlecraft are living works of art that together we bring forth our rich culture and innovations that produces a unique product.

Our most significant retail partnership was with French high-end fashion designer, Christian Louboutin and his Manilacaba, a tote bag is constructed in a patchwork of expertly hand-woven multicolored fabric. This vibrant design is appliquéd at the front with a metallic Jeepney patch, an iconic symbol of the country's capital. The total partnership brought in Php10,000,000.00 (Ten million pesos). Another partnership was with Pepsico by using their aluminum packaging bags and upcycling them into corporate baskets for their giveaways. The total partnership brought in Php2,000,000.00 (Two million pesos).

GREAT Women scope includes Retail; from the provision of equipment such as handlooms, powerlooms, sewing, embroidery and leather machines along with special threads to produce unique textiles and finished products. In Trade and Marketing; catering to individual and corporate clients whose needs we can customize accordingly. and Food and Beverage; from packaging to distribution.