What if you found your greatest-of- all-time in a jar?

You very well could! GMCS Farms have pretty much everything under their belts. Their name, which stands for Goat, Mushroom, Chili and Sardines, spells everything out for you. You’re in for a real treat, no matter what you’re into. It’s all of this and more.

The brand grew from a lifetime of enthusiasm and passion for food. What started as a little spark with yema and polvoron sales in primary school led to an entrepreneurial fire that shows in every GMCS product.

Whether it’s the distinctly inviting flavor of Spanish sardines, the versatile bite of chili mushroom paste, or the smokiness of mushroom tinapa flakes, you know there’s something special waiting in every jar. From their own farms to your table, GMCS gives you a complex palette of flavors that are guaranteed to make you feel things.

Only the best things.