Germano’s Chilli: Keeping It Spicy

 Come on over with that spicy stuff, brother. Germano’s Chilli deals in bottles of brotherly love; burning just for you.

It all starts with an addiction for spicy food; a journey to find a healthy way of spicing up meals. In 2005, the brothers noticed that chilli garlic sauces were only found in restaurants, specifically those that served Chinese food. They wanted to bring the delicious taste of chilli garlic sauce to their home, but they needed to do so in ways that would let everyone enjoy it. The two had to fry and sauté the garlic at home in olive oil for their diabetic mother. The results were amazing. 

After great feedback from family and friends, the two decided to put his chilli garlic sauce in a jar for everyone to enjoy. Years later, the brothers continue to breathe a bit of that sibling heat all over the metro.

Germano’s Chilli is the only chilli garlic sauce in olive oil. Garlic and chilli are already known to have health benefits, but cooking them in olive oil took the sauce a step further.

All-organic, healthy, and delicious, Germano’s Chilli is set to become staple in family kitchens and meal tables the world over.

Keep your family meals spicy with Germano’s Chilli. Keep it spicy.