The best things have a way of standing the test of time.

Like neon signs, big hair and synthy pop music, Gaspi’s is living proof that the 80s are back and here to stay. The brand started as a coffee shop in the 1980s, later evolving into Gasparelli, an upscale Spanish restaurant and pub based in the heart of Makati. On top of maintaining their decidedly posh location, they also offered take-out and catering services.

The restaurant closed in the tail end of the 1990s, but business kept going- with the catering and take-out jobs in full swing. Come 2012, they formally rebranded. With a new physical location in SMBF and a whole line of savory bottled goods, Gaspi’s is finally back in town.

Their time-honored family recipes give customers a homemade dining experience that attract the curious and convince the skeptical.

Whether these are old cravings or new culinary adventures for you, it’s time to dig in.