Unique, Local & Handmade

The concept of Garapon Gifts started when I was still working in a corporate setting. Life there was too fast paced, stressful, and most of the time sad and draining. I was always looking for ways to relax and pamper myself, and I also saw that my colleagues had the same issues, it even came to a point where in once a week I would go to a spa to have my nails done and have a facial, a body scrub or massage, and getting coffee or tea after. (I know, I know it’s so Tita…), but these done once a week every week, every month is just too expensive when you add them all up.

A few months after December, I finally decided to resign and leave the corporate world as it was already taking a toll on my physical and mental health. It wasn’t an easy decision for me since I have been an employee for the past 11 years, and I really had no idea how to run a business, the only thing I knew was that it was a risk. I was thinking of the perfect name for the business, something catchy and yet something relatable, something LOCAL, something that when said you already more or less have the idea or thought of the shop and of how simple it is that it will stick—and to tell you honestly it wasn’t an easy or simple journey. After a few challenging, no sleep, back breaking, brain cell drying thinking sessions, filtering so many ideas to finally create a name, Garapon Gifts was born.

Starting something out of nothing, was really a challenge, but it was all worth it.  I created my online shop, not so much focusing on it on my 1st few months, I knew I was not doing enough and I honestly really didn’t know what I was doing back then. For the first few months I joined bazaars, Noelle Bazaar, Toast wedding fair, Supreme Court Bazaar, etc etc, but it still was not enough and not working that well. Until I finally decided to focus on online selling and upgrading my products to provide that gift the SPA and self-care to your friend so that they can take it home and use it anytime they want, or provide a SPA KIT that you can easily buy online and use at the comfort of your own home. Everything is handmade with love and in small batches (meaning there are more carefully chosen high quality ingredients used), and all RAW ingredients are sourced from fair trade suppliers. From 50 Instagram Followers, we grew to 4,500 and still counting. The most important thing that we do is that a percentage of each sale goes to a feeding program in TONDO and PAWS. These are the most important values for us, to help the gift giver in their gift giving needs, may it be for their loved ones or themselves, and to also help the community around us.

Garapon Gifts is the only local brand that curates pamper and coffee sets that are all hand made with a specific character/ branding: useful Garapon goodies in classy and/or fun packaging.