Everybody Snacks!

Founding Farmers is established in 2015 in the Philippines to create and provide alternative unique Better-For-You product assortments that will help promote healthy snacking. We believe in delivering quality products, seeking the best inputs in Asia, that are great tasting yet nutritious and good for you. 

The maiden product, Mixed Veggie Crisps, are made from 100% real vegetables that  utilizes VF technology to maximize the nutrient availability, without any artificial flavors. It is gluten and cholesterol free.

Mixed Veggie Crisps packs include green sword bean, purple sweet potato, sweet potato, okra, pumpkin, & carrot. It comes in 3 flavors: Sea Salt, Garlic & Unsalted. 

Following requests to put more Okra in a Mixed Veggie Crisps pack, the team decided to produce an All Okra Solo Pack giving birth to our Premium Solo Veggie Crisps line. Solo Okra Crisps has 100% Okra to munch to your heart's content! Creating much shock waves across the snacking population is the Solo Shiitake Mushroom Crisps, a snack pack with 100% real shiitake mushroom that you munch as a snack! Uniquely Umami.

The newest product line joining the Founding Farmers brand is Roasted Shelled Edamame. Seeing the growing need to have a ready munch for today's on-the-go lifestyle, we created a resealable hefty serving of this snack pack that you can easily carry around everywhere! To keep it interesting, there's five flavors to choose from: Salted, BBQ, Sriracha, Garlic & Wasabi.

Let us help you attain a full cycle healthy lifestyle.

It's not just exercise & properly portioned meals! What you grab & munch in those few "seemingly innocent filler" hours in between may as well be the killer!

Don't fall off in the in-betweens, Snack Right & Snack Smart! Founding Farmers, your partner brand for all things good for You.