Figures of Beans: Enjoy a Perfect Cup of Coffee

A love for local coffee sparked the idea behind Figures of Beans. It all began in November 2015, with its founders' dream of having the perfect cup of coffee delivered straight to your desk. When you need your morning fix and are miles away from the nearest coffeee shop, you'll know what they mean!

In this day and age, people want everything instantly. When most things are readily accessible, you tend to expect that. FOB soon learned that local coffee beans from the North were perfect for home brewing. The Cordillera region just happened to produce a wide range of beans for all sorts of coffee drinkers. The seeds were planted, and the brewing began.

More than anything, Figures of Beans want Filipinos to realize how good local coffee is.

Coffee plays a big role in people's lives. For many, it’s not just a drink. Coffee has a special and non-literal meaning- more than just a figure of speech.

Say hello to Figures of Beans.

Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in your home with Figures of Beans.