FIC No Sugar Added (Choco Marble) 1.5 L

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This frozen dairy dessert is a Low Fat, Sugar Free product using vanilla flavored base into which Sugar Free Chocolate Ripple has been swirled liberally. By use of bulking and texturing agents, this dessert preparation surprisingly possesses not only the delightful sweet and vanilla-chocolately characters of Choco Marble but also the smooth and velvety texture typical of the real ice cream counterpart.

Ingredients: Water, NSA chocolate syrup, maltodextrin, skim milk powder, polydextrose, sorbitol, milkfat, carrageenan, guar and vegetable gums (stabilizers), glycerin fatty acid esters (emulsifiers), non-nutritive sweetener (aspartame) and permitted artificial flavors.

Flavor: Choco Marble

Weight: 1.5L

Shelf Life/Expiration Date: 2 years

Estimated delivery time: 1-2 days
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