Empanada MÁS – it’s more of what you love!

Sometimes, real life gives you more than dreams can give. For the team at Empanada MÁS, it all started with a 5-generation- old family recipe.

The drive for real, home-made comfort food on-the-go led them to build on their rich empanada heritage with fresh, hand-rolled pockets- each loaded with great Spanish filling. It’s great. Well actually, it’s more than that.

You don’t just go five generations without picking up a couple of new tricks. Empanada MÁS see the empanada as a near-perfect dish that packs flavors ranging from nostalgic to new and exciting. For a family that doesn’t believe in shortcuts, these are empanadas made simple, done well and served fast.

With treats like these, you won’t just want one. You’ll want one more.

Empanada MÁS, whether it’s one or one more!

Empanada MÁS is an empanada specialty store.