eHarvest: Culinary Treats with a Twist

Some of the greatest opportunities open when others close. This time, opportunity came in a bottle of artisanal tuyo. From a passing interest in homemade bottled goods, inspiration would soon strike. Following its founders early retirement, the dream of a boutique bottled food business soon became a reality. eHarvest debuted in 2013 with its flagship, Bottled Artisanal Tuyo.

The operation started in its founders' Parañaque home, but soon expanded to a full-size processing facility in Indang, Cavite. If this sounds big, then it should be. eHarvest was always about bringing great food home, and they definitely are in big ways. It's not just in their non-traditional packaging and design, but in their overall taste and the use of organic ingredients. It's an experience.

The “e” in their name stands for “exquisite, exciting and excellent”—words that our customers use to describe these bottled delights.

Enjoy eHarvest’s unique take on your favorite culinary treats.