EDSA Beverage Design Group

How about a round for the long road home?

The EDSA Beverage Design Group has been honing its craft for the past three years, developing a premium selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for a braver generation of Filipinos. Aspiring for drinks that are both unique and deeply personal, the group uses natural extracts from fruits, flowers and organic gingers to produce a kaleidoscope of memorable flavors. This no-compromise attitude to beverage creation results in alternative coffee, cocktails, sodas and beer brews that brim with thrill and excitement each time.

With eyes to the future and a constant stream of quality liquid concoctions, the EDSA Beverage Design Group pours glasses full of world-class drinks, for and by us.

You’re already there. Are you ready for another?

Take one for the road with the EDSA Beverage Design Group!

The EDSA Beverage Design Group is a Metro Manila-based beverage manufacturer.