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Cultur'd Kombucha in Blueberry Burst (350ml)

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During a time of starvation, the Great Spirit sent Blueberries down from the heavens to relieve the hunger of his children. These ""star berries"" were even believed to have magical powers by the Native Americans.

Perfectly sweet with a tart finish, Cultur'd Kombucha in Blueberry Burst contains whole fermented blueberries for that oh-so-juicy burst of superfruit goodness!

Each bottle contains a synbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics that work together to boost your digestive system.

Ingredients: Kombucha yeast and bacteria cultures, premium blend of black assam and pu-erh teas, raw cane sugar, fermented whole blueberries
Flavor: Blueberry Burst
Weight: 350ml
Shelf Life: As a living drink, Cultur'd Kombucha does not technically have an expiry, hence our bottles are labeled with our dispatch date instead. Freshly brewed kombucha tastes best within one month of first dispatch, but can last up to six months sealed and kept cold. Since it will continue to mature in flavor and alcohol level at room temperature, keeping it stored in a cold refrigerator will slow down its fermentation process. 1-6 months refrigerated

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