Cookies are life, so crumble differently!

Crumbslist started with the goal of empowering bakers in and around the metro. Like with all great things, it eventually led to something greater. Through their years of running a baking supplies store, the company’s founders saw a gap in the market. There are all these great home-based bakers, but their products rarely ever leave their neighborhoods. That had to change.

As a clever homage to Craigslist, a renowned classified ads site, Crumbslist was formed. The service served as an online directory for home bakeries. From listings on the internet, they soon started reaching into the real world by selling its special selection of homemade sweets.

Today, Crumbslist prides itself in great bakes for baking’s sake. With products like their renowned calamansi crinkles, we have a unique twist on a time-honored favorite.

It’s different. It’s local. It’s baked specially for you.