Crows Craft Brewing Co. Manila Products

This isn’t for everyone. It’s all yours.

Crows Craft Brewing Co. or Crows for short, is a passion project that takes your favorite alcoholic drinks and gives them a darker, smoother touch. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s totally yours- if you dare!

Kind of a funny story, really. Everyone wants their name out there, but when your name is Cuervo and you whip a mean spirit, what do you do? You do your thing- differently. You do it better. The brewery still went with its founder’s name; this time in English. From Cuervo, enter the age of Crows.

The craft brewing operation officially started in 2013 after years of homebrew experimentation. Inspired by local, small-batch, and artisanal breweries, Crows adopted an assertive, confrontational persona. With double-IPA brews like De Puta Madre, and the Mala Hierba IPA, they clearly have some bite to back up all the bark.