Little tarts could pack a lot of heart.

Crostatina Patisserie and Café is a team of chefs and food enthusiasts set on bringing refined continental stylings to your dinner table.

Named after the Italian word for “little tarts,” Crostatina lovingly draw inspiration from their beloved house specialty- packing a lot of life in a small package. Expect pleasant surprises when you’re whipped into a frenzy by their delectable assortment of bite-sized pastries and baked goods.

Committed to the highest quality ingredients, the team only make use of real dairy cream and fresh strawberries for their amazing strawberry pavlova. Is sansrival more to your taste? No problem. You could get that with a nice helping of real French butter. Nothing fake or instant here. Crostatina always gives you the real deal.

This marriage of familiar tastes and unexpected turns leaves you wanting a little extra slice every time. You could always count on this full-flavored dessert experience.

At Crostatina Patisserie and Café, you eat a little and love a lot.