Looks like you’re due for a visit from the Cookie Fairy!

Have you ever checked under your pillow for cookies? Well, it would be weird if you did but we won’t judge. Some of us do though and fewer still end up with a sweet tooth for life. This is the Cookie Fairy’s story.

Au started baking when she was in third grade, which was cool and all but nothing entirely life-changing. Yet. One time, Au’s mother had to leave town for an emergency. The twist? It was Au’s birthday and there were no cakes in sight.

The enterprising young girl took it upon herself to make it a real party by baking her own cake. With all the heart and charm a one-egg recipe could give, this was definitely the start of something.

Years later, Au takes to baking to teach her daughters the wonders of entrepreneurship. It was a fulfilling undertaking to say the least. Her eldest, despite the lack of formal allowance, managed to make more money than most of her friends- a sign of things to come.

From unassuming beginnings, the Cookie Fairy is here with a little bit of magic for everyone.