Local Organic Products Made Accessible & Appreciated

Cocolita as the brand is called was dedicated to my dad and I couldn’t think of anything that his name could be put into. So I thought about just honoring my dad’s background instead which is coming from a Spanish heritage. Coco for coconuts and -ita which is a Spanish word that was added to every end of a description or name to indicate smallness or affection. Like gwapita or senorita and it turned into Cocolita because I’m my dad’s little girl.

I wanted a brand where we were all still reminded of the Philippines - I wanted to be unique. When we think of something locally made, we think of the colors brown, anything jute made, bamboo, wood, something very local tribute. But the Philippines is also a tropical country, it’s an island full of fun and sun and the beach and that’s the kind of brand I wanted to create. Something tropical and fun because a lot of Filipinos still believe that to choose to be healthy, means you’re giving up on a lot but you’re not. This is what makes my business unique, this allows Filipinos to indulge in locally made products that are good for them without having to spend so much or look somewhere else.