Community Trade. Fair Trade.

CocoLibre Corp. was created for something bigger than ourselves: to improve the quality of life of farmers in the Philippines, and to offer healthier natural alternatives to consumers around the world. 

It's a fair and beneficial exchange between people who work the rich farmlands and to those who value the healthy gifts of its harvest.

CocoLibre belongs to a community making a stand for better health, supporting the development or rural areas into becoming sustainable communities, and a respect and the respect for the planet and its resources. 



We highlght the important role of farmers and food-producing communities to the general health of societies. Thus it is also important for us to work closely with farmers who are committed to produce quality organic coconut sap sugar that adhere to standards recognised internationally.


We ensure that farmers and workers have pleasant working conditions and are well compensated for their work and harvest. We help their communities thrive. 


Why organic? Besides it being healthier and more nutritious (free of chemicals and all natural), it improves the quality of the soil for the next cycle of planting. This helps farmers sustain harvests for decades to come, and with steady food production, creates a thriving local community. Our products are free from GMOs, harmful processing agents, preservatives, food coloring, bleaching and refining agents, pesticides, and other chemicals detrimental to health.