Created Out Of Love For Family

Chipapa Foods was created out of love for family. Each product is carefully selected-- big in size, personality and taste-- and made with love. They hope to create joyful moments when Chipapa meals are shared with family and loved ones. 

Chipapa is a made-up word that I would use to lovingly greet my newborn son Matias every time I come home from work. Matias would never fail to giggle once he hears this word! Thus, during the process of thinking of a business name, Chipapa seemed a natural fit, as the name is a reminder of those joyous moments of me coming home to my family after a long day at work. We hope when you share a Chipapa meal with your family and loved ones, it will create joyful moments with your families as well.

I work in an industry that’s badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, I’m still employed. However, this challenging period has made me realize the value  of having a safety net, especially with the uncertainty post-pandemic and a family to support. I joined my first bazaar selling Chipapa bottled tinapa on June 7, 2020.

My wife owns her own events management company, and I have always wanted  to start a business of my own, but never got around to starting it. The reality is, the pandemic pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and finally pursue this long-time dream. Moreover, my insanely adorable kids Mateo and Matias, and my ever-so-supportive wife inspired me to take the leap. Since food is a necessity, pandemic or no pandemic, I was excited to bring my quality goods to  the market.

I love getting people’s reactions about how delicious our products are and how  amazed they are with the size of our fresh bangus, as it is really gigantic and can feed a family of 5! From the first day I started selling our products, up until this  day, I have received 100% positive reviews. This warms my heart as I know I am offering our customers quality products at great value that they can enjoy with  their families.