Chili Chili Bang Bang: Your Unique Chili Fix

It all began with delicious, home-cooked chili. Starting with potluck dinners, this new chili sensation took the metro by storm with its eclectic blend of flavors. After perfecting its meticulously formulated concoctions, Chili Chili Bang Bang opened its doors to the city's chili connoisseurs. This is as good as it gets- an experience as fun as the name suggests. It's your chili, gone bang!

As one of the country's first standalone chili brands, Chili Chili Bang Bang prides itself in great chili con carne. Not in ways you expect, though. Apart from being fresher and tastier than off-the-shelf canned imports, each of the brand's many variants come with a personality all their own. Regardless of what mood you might be in, you'll always have a flavor for the way you feel.

Whether you're craving for the familiarity of the Original Recipe or hankering for a bit of cheesy love with the Chili Con Quezo or Jalapeño Con Quezo, you could always count on a little happy jar of chili to make good days even better. There's even something for our plant-based pals with the Veggie Recipe! Bite the Bullet or turn every meal into a Big Bang. It's your choice.

Get that unique chili fix.