The Eezy-Fry Crisperience

Established last November 2016 by three foodie millennials, Chica’s offers a line of ‘crispy Pinoy putok batok’ dishes with a twist. Chica’s started as a pop-up store in a food park in Quezon City, then eventually expanded its distribution channels through food stalls around Metro Manila. 
In February 2019, the Chica’s Team incorporated Bagnetoisseur Corporation which will handle business development and management of the brand, together with the fast-growing Baconnoisseur Corporation – the group behind the success of Ate Rica’s Bacsilog which grew the brand from 2 branches to more than 120+ outlets in less than 3 years. Following the success of its restaurant outlets, Chica’s launched its Easy-Fry Frozen Goods. It features the brand’s iconic Ilocos Bagnet and Chicharon Bulaklak, pre-cooked, pre-seasoned, and ready-to-fry! The Easy-Fry Frozen Goods line is set to expand its offers as the company
ventures into actively partnering with Ka-Chica resellers to spread the #ChicasCrisperience all
around the country. 


The Eezy-Fry Crisperience
Chica’s is your go-to source of fresh, delicious, quality, clean, budget-friendly, and easy-to-cookIlocos bagnet and other frozen meat products served off the deep frying pan in our Chica’s Bagnet Express stores or distributed in frozen packs by our friendly Ka-Chica neighborhood resellers. 

Our Ilocos bagnet is famous for its equal measure of succulence and crispiness in one special eezy-fry crisperience! We offer a unique twist to the bagnet and other frozen meats with our famous Filipino sauces.