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Peach Cinnamon Infused with Chamomile Tea

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Chelcie's Peach Cinnamon Infused with Chamomile Tea is a unique fruit butter which makes a delicious and healthy alternative to jams. The refreshing taste of sweet peaches creates a tasty medley when combined with the woody aroma of cinnamon and crisp, earthy tone of chamomile. Goes well with almost anything: try it with bread, cheese, pancakes, waffles, and even vanilla ice cream. No preservatives used.

Ingredients: Peaches, Sugar, Cinnamon, Chamomile Tea
Flavor: Peach Cinnamon
Weight: 150g
Shelf Life: 6 Months

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Nov 14, 2016

Definitely a must try! I loved how the flavors satisfied my craving for peaches with a hint of tea and cinnamon.

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