Chelcie's Spreads: Discovering Unique Flavors

 Whether for breakfast or merienda, spreads have always been a familiar sight. Where most of us see a quick snack however, Chelcie saw an opportunity. She is bent on introducing people to new and exciting flavors through her unique homemade spreads- all fresh and preservative-free!

Okay, fair enough. What's in it for you, though? There's a lot, apparently. The Filipino Selection takes Filipino favorites and give them that special Chelcie's twist. With the savory stylings of Smoked Tinapa Pâté, Homemade Salted Egg Spread, Spicy Longganisa Spread, it's a mouthful of flavor. For more continental tastes, the Western Selection features Roasted Chicken with Herbs, Indian Spiced Chicken Pâté, Wild Mushroom with Truffle, and Creamy Spinach and Dill. You're going to need your passports stamped afterwards.

If all that culture has done you good, then you'll be pleased to find that Chelcie has even classier offerings. The Tea Infused Fruit Butter Selection makes you go pinky-out with charming numbers like Pineapple Coconut infused with Earl Grey Tea, Peanut Butter Pear infused with Jasmine Tea, Strawberry infused with Hibiscus Tea, and Peach Cinnamon infused with Chamomile Tea.

Each selection features unique flavors that can are amazing with bread, sandwiches, toasts, pancakes, and waffles.

The whole world is a jar away. Where are you going next?