Cocoa Powder 100g

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What is Cocoa Powder?

Cocoa powder is what remains of a cacao bean once the cocoa butter has been extracted from it. Cocoa powder is a key ingredient in chocolate products.

How To Use Cocoa Powder

Aside from making chocolate, the most common use of cocoa powder is in baking chocolate goodies such as cakes, cookies, brownies, and other pastries. Cocoa powder is also used on drinks, smoothies, and desserts. Sprinkling cocoa powder yields complementary hints of chocolate on any fruit or delicacy.

Our Cocoa Powder is 100% pure and unsweetened. It is alkalized (or Dutch-processed), reducing acidity and removing sour flavors.

Other Information About this Product
Vegan: Yes
Sugar-Free: Yes
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Place in an airtight container

Ingredients: Cacao Beans
Flavor: Chocolate
Weight: 100g
Shelf Life: 1 year

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