Personal finance tools to guide Filipinos to their personal finance journey

Budget Squad Manila started in 2016 when two friends decided to pool their personal savings, experiences and creativity to share personal finance knowledge to Filipinos. The creators observed that most Filipinos have limited skills in handling their personal finances, so they researched deeply about it. What they found out was depressing and that was how the story begins.

The Squad's goal is to build a brand that offers creative, practical and locallymade personal finance tools to guide Filipinos to their personal finance journey. At the same time, a brand that inspires and gives back to the Filipinos.


Our Mission: Promote Financial Education
Budget Squad Manila was founded with the idea to guide and motivate Filipinos to live a life with proper personal finance ideals. Their interest in financial education has grown because of booming consumerism, stagnant income, ballooning debts and increasing complexity of financial products and services today. These concern most Filipinos, who lack the necessary financial skills to make informed financial decisions and choices. That is why they made it their mission to eliminate financial illiteracy and inspire their generation to act!

Our Impact: OPLAN Kaalaman sa Pananalapi
The Squad allocate 20% of the net profit to OPLAN Kaalaman sa Pananalapi, a Budget Squad Manila-initiated project, which offers free financial education program for low-income Filipino communities. Low-income Filipinos--who have limited, if any, access to financial services and guidance--get personalized support in dealing with specific financial issues, such as debts, poor budgeting, poor consumer habits, which tend to keep them from overcoming poverty.

Our Advocacy
Budget Squad Manila developed OPLAN Kaalaman sa Pananalapi, a free financial education program targeted for the low-income communities in Philippines. The purpose of OKSP is to teach the significance of money and how to manage it properly. It offers the opportunity to learn basic skills about earning, spending, saving, investing and borrowing. When they are financially aware, they can make informed financial decisions, which can help them in planning and achieving for their life goals.