Providing The Best Organic Care Products For Pinoy Pet Parents

SkinChem Ingredients Corporation is committed to providing the best organic pet care products to the Filipino pet owner. Initially founded on the principles of providing natural alternatives to chemical-based skin products along with raw materials to multinational and local cosmetic and wellness-based companies, SkinChem has diversified its offerings that now include organic pet care products.

The company continuously innovates new products which are both environment-friendly and economical. The company takes pride in its various formulations which are safe and biodegradable, that do no harm to our planet and pets. As a company that provides raw materials, its top priority is to equip itself with thorough knowledge on the pros and cons of natural versus chemical ingredients. Equipped with this knowledge and noting the lack of companies and brands that provide all-natural and affordable pet care products caught its attention. While there are a few brands that sell all-natural products, they are mostly imported and very highly-priced brands that only cater to the upper-class market. Along with the commitment to provide the best all-natural pet care products, Boop Pet Products also stands to be the affordable and smarter choice.

The inspiration and story behind the establishment of the Boop Brand are the founders’ genuine love for animals. As for the brand name itself, the word, “Boop,” actually means a light tap on a dog’s nose. This endearment is very much familiar to dog lovers, especially when sharing and engaging with various posts online. Phrases like, “Like for Boops!” or “Boop my nose!” have gained its popularity online, winning over the hearts of many Evident wherever one goes, may it be malls, parks, and other public spaces there are pets with their owners. More than just pets, they are considered companions and have become such a big part of our lives, owners go the extra mile to make their pets feel loved and pampered due to a bond, sense of duty and responsibility. Being pet owners themselves, the founders understand the challenge of wanting to give pets the safest most responsible yet affordable care hence the company decided to start Boop product line with the mission to provide the best all-natural personal pet care products that are accessible, affordable, and eco-friendly.

More than just advocates for the environment, the company is also an advocate for the community. SkinChem Ingredients Corp, through Boop, is partnered with the Philippine Dogs and Cats Rescue Association, donating a portion of each sale to the organization which focuses on the rehabilitation and care of stray animals. It is also important for the company to give back to the community, thus their slogan for this campaign, “Boops for a cause!”