A Healthy Skin Solution

Problems are blessings in disguise, so they say. And this is something the makers of Bebebalm can attest to.

Bebebalm was born from a mother’s desperation on her baby’s eczema. After trying everything she can on her newborn and not getting any positive results, she decided to combine her knowledge on beauty plus natural and traditional remedies with the expertise of her doctor and biochemist husband to formulate a gentle product that naturally nourished dry and damaged skin.

Six years after Bebebalm was conceptualized and created, the founders set up the business formally and released some of the most effective and no-nonsense solutions to skin issues.

Originally created for babies and pregnant and breasfeeding moms, Bebebalm products are now well-loved by people from all ages.

The Bebebalm super nourishing moisturizer is perfect for very dry face, lips, eczema, rash (diaper rash, milk rash, fatty folds rash), sunburns, cracked hands and feet, and any skin part that needs super rich nourishment or protection.

ScarRescue, a natural nutrient-rich moisturizer, helps blur the appearance of scars, lessens and prevent bumps and bruises, and zaps big fat pimples. And Bebebugs soothes itchy, red, puffy areas such as insect bites, itchy eczema, minor food rash, heat rash and sunburns.

Inspired by messages of gratitude and encouragement from their clients whom they call Bebelievers, the Bebebalm team continues to innovate by creating simple yet healthy skin solutions. And they plan to expand their reach so that everyone can live with healthy, bright and glowing skin.