Bath and Buddy Products

Aloe vera shampoo web 1
Aloe Vera Shampoo
PHP  395.00
Oatmeal shampoo web 1
Oatmeal Shampoo
PHP  425.00
Almond milk shampoo web 1
Almond Milk Shampoo
PHP  395.00

Hey there, little buddy!

The fresh, warm feeling of a well-deserved feeling isn’t just a people thing- pets wanna get pampered too! Well, if you’re nice. But yeah, who doesn’t want a little liquid love every now and then?

Bath & Buddy is a brand that cares for your furry little friend. Or friends, if you have like a million other animals living with you. They won’t judge! This whole endeavor started in 2013, supplying shampoos to various pet stores and eventually expanding through online and brick and mortar distribution.

What’s so special about them though? Because they care for you and your pet, Bath & Buddy only uses mild, non-toxic ingredients; none of that harsh stuff. Every product comes from a place of care, and is tested extensively before hitting the market.

Spoil your little friends. Be a buddy!