Make Barik happen. Take a swig today!

Barik doesn’t just make drinks, they bottle liquid soul.

Inspired by the country's rich drinking culture, Barik built their brand around a simple idea—that drinks, and the good times they bring, are meant to be shared. There is a deep Filipino word for this, and that word is barik.

Their story began with a shot glass. In one of their frequent visits to Quezon province, they chanced upon a bottle of locally made lambanog. They realized that this original  pre-colonial Filipino drink must be given justice in the market.

From there, lambanog was about to get real classy.

After months of careful formulation, Barik finally debuted on August of 2016.

Offering a clean-tasting punch laced with a tinge of subtle sweetness, their nipa-based creation comes with a distinctly rustic charm-- tailor-fit for the modern drinker.

With initial offerings like Barik Puro and Barik Ginger Sour, they are poised to bring distinctly Filipino flavor to bars the world over.

Like the name suggests, there is no western equivalent. Take a swig of Barik.


Make it happen.