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“Building sustainable fishing communities, one catch at a time”

Balangay’s Best (Fishers & Changemakers, Inc. (FCI)) isn’t just a brand, it’s an advocacy.

It all started with a dream to make a difference in the lives of fisherfolk. Their journey began in October 2014 during the rehabilitation efforts of Typhoon Yolanda when a group of volunteers and workers at the Balangay’s Project of Gawad Kalinga became inspired to help artisan fishers in communities.

Today, the lone social enterprise continues to partner with local artisan fishing communities to manufacture and distribute high-quality Balangay’s Best seafood products while using sustainable technologies and equitable business practices in the Philippines.

The best thing about Balangay’s Best isn’t just the quality of its products, the social enterprise continues to innovate its process and systems in order to balance social impact and financial viability. One day, they envision to eradicate poverty in the fishing sector while restoring and protecting our seas.