Baguio Pasalubongs - Good Shepherd Distributor Products

Blueberry jam l
Good Shepherd Blueberry Jam 12oz
PHP  400.00
Mango jam
Good Shepherd Mango Jam 8oz
PHP  190.00
Good Shepherd Snowballs 310g
PHP  300.00
Strawberry jam 1
Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam 8oz
PHP  310.00
Strawberry jelly 12oz 1
Good Shepherd Strawberry Jelly 12oz
PHP  250.00

Baguio's Best At Your Fingertips

Baguio Pasalubongs sells Good Shepherd products that are produced in Baguio City. Good Shepherd is a famous part of Baguio’s tourism scene, with people making it a point to buy their goodies every time they visit the city. Part of the profits of Good Shepherd Baguio go to funding the education of Cordilleran scholars.  

Baguio Pasalubongs was founded in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to support the sales of Good Shepherd Baguio when they lost their main customers, tourists, due to the quarantine period. Baguio Pasalubongs hopes to give you a taste of travelling even while stuck at home, by bringing Baguio's best to you.