Baba’s Kitchen: Homemade Culinary Masterpieces

Welcome to the taste of home!

Baba's Kitchen started in 2013, when its returned to the Philippines. Beginning with much-loved and hearty home-cooked meals from the Camahort household, Baba sought to bring the home vibe back to every meal- a little piece of "Casa Cama", she calls it.

The endeavor is the culmination of a life-long passion for the culinary arts, with countless hours spent practicing at home, all throughout college with a culinary studies degree on top. It's all worth the wait if you're doing what you love, right?

Growing up in a big, tight-knit family of avid cooks, Baba's background was a recipe for perfection. Constant exposure to global flavors and food led her to experiment and combine tastes from different cultures and cuisines to create the freshest and most well-rounded dishes possible.

Sharing the love of good food was always a priority for Baba's Kitchen. Every feast at Casa Cama always came with a variety of house staples as well as Baba's popular sauces. They aren't just a unique and enticing mix of things, they have a great way of making you ask for more.

Although the balance and ingredients involved in the creation of their scrumptious products remains a mystery, one thing is for sure- Baba’s Kitchen will always be 100% homemade.

Enjoy homemade culinary masterpieces with Baba’s Kitchen.