Auro Chocolate is named after the chemical symbol for gold, “AU”; and “Oro” which means gold in both Filipino and Spanish. Auro Chocolate is a brand that believes the real gold in the Philippines is our very own cacao, and we couldn’t agree more.

Auro Chocolate sources their cacao from the heart of Davao, known internationally for its world-class cacao plantations. They partner with over 10 cocoa-producing cooperatives and 80 farmers and entrepreneurs, each of whom work painstakingly to bring you healthy, high-quality, and great-tasting chocolate products. Auro Chocolate believes in a “Beyond Bean-to-Bar” philosophy; where organic farming methods are practiced, farmers are given priority, and thorough testing is done before beans are turned into chocolate. This kind of dedication to cacao is evident in their products. From chocolate bars to their Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, you’re tasting only the very best cacao.

Auro Chocolate offers a true taste of the Philippines. Just like wine or coffee, chocolate is an agricultural product, and each of their delicious chocolate products reflect the taste of the land