UVC LED Sterilize Bag (Pink)

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A sterilized bag for face masks, headphones, hearing aids, stethoscopes, dentures, underwear, toothbrushes, beauty tools, baby bottles, toys, underwear, socks, forks, knives, watches, glasses, jewelry, buttons, etc.

Advanced UV LED Lights: The intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is equal to more than 20 times the intensity of the sun. Disinfection can be completed in 3 minutes.

Stay away from infections and live a healthy life! A large-capacity disinfection box can clean multiple phones at once. Enough to use in the bathroom, kitchen or nursery.

A must-have disinfection tool for travel. Remove the musty smell and smell the effect. You can smell clean clothes exposed to the sun. Stylish, convenient and silent!

Just one button for smart disinfection!

Color: PINK
Dimensions: 25X20X15cm
Weight: 500g

Estimated delivery time: 5-7 days
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