Multifunctional UVC Portable Disinfection Box (White)

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Fast UV Sterilisation- Kills 99.9% bacteria and virus on your smartphone/watches/ makeup brushes/masks, etc with six mercury-free, radiation free and ozone free UV lamps on the inside of the box. Takes only 30 seconds sterilization time with 10,000 hour endurance. Our ultraviolet rays are sterilized by UVC-LED, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

Multipurpose use – Disinfects other items like masks, watches, jewellery, glasses, keys and any other small items.

Handheld mobile/Portable use- Carry it around and use it to disinfect places around your house, like your kitchen surfaces, pillows or even your toilet seat. Note that the UV light automatically turns off when it detects an angle of more than 40 degrees as it should not be used on human skin. Direct contact with the eyes should also be avoided.

Wireless Charging- Suitable for charging for most QI enabled smartphones- Simply place your smartphone on the top on Q-powered UV-Box and you can enjoy up to 7.5W (iOS) and 10W (Android) wireless charging.

Cosmetic mirror - Open the support frame and change the makeup mirror in seconds. Convenient for women to do their make up any time.

Full enclosed design, safe and light proof: The UV sterilisation box adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can penetrate 360° without dead angles, making it the most effective on the market today.

Large capacity/space, Compact size and lightweight – take along to your office or on your travels.

Color: WHITE
Dimensions: 19.7x1.5x5.5cm
Weight: 305g

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