Airbon Kids Nanofilter Fiber Mask (10 packs)

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Airbon Children's Nanofiber Filter Mask is comfortable, re-usable mask sized for the smallest members of your family. A box includes 10 packs of breathable and skin-friendly masks. It fits most children ages 2 - 10. Mask clip recommended for most children. It has a strong moisture control with 0.1 μm filtration efficiency to protect against airborne bacteria and flu pathogens.

*Reusable up to 30 days, washable up to 20 times
*Lightweight design weighing less than a sheet of paper (0.15 ounces)
*3-layer ergonomic design covering nose to chin completely which is has flexible nose support prevents sliding and fogging up of glasses.
*UV protection of more than 90% of rays
*High elasticity nylon straps that maintain elasticity even after prolonged use

Width of the mask is 6"" and height of the mask through the center is 4""

Disinfection/Cleaning methods: (1) Spray with 70% ethanol 10x for 3 cycles, air-dry, reuse (2) Soak in 70% ethanol for 20 minutes, rinse clean, air-dry, reuse
Efficiency remains almost the same even after 10 reuses after spraying 70% ethanol or dipping in 70% ethanol

Color: White
Dimensions: 7.48 x 5.51 x 1.97 inches
Weight: 0.425g
Quantity: 10 packs

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