7 Grains Pantry Products

Tamarind puree
Tamarind Puree (300ml)
PHP  160.00
Skinny soup base
Vegetable Bouillon Cubes (60g )
PHP  90.00
Good peanutbutter
The Good Peanut Butter (400g)
PHP  240.00
Skinny seasoning 300 web 1
Skinny Seasoning 300 ML
PHP  120.00
Skinny seasoning 450 ml web 1
Skinny Seasoning 450 ML
PHP  160.00
Tomato ketchup web 1
Skinny Tomato Ketchup
PHP  155.00

It’s all grain and all organic. It’s the real thing

Modern life could be great at times, what with all the progress we’ve made in terms of technology. That kind of advancement is no small feat, but it does come with its fair share of tradeoffs. Food for one, has to be manufactured on a larger scale. This means compromise. Some compromises are questionable.

The mainstream is tiring and to be honest, often bad for you. Between all-purpose seasoning, snacks and drinks, it’s the little things that often pile up and make a mess of themselves. Consider the alternative!

At 7 Grains Pantry, your health comes first. It takes work, but they’ll make sure you come prepared! With products like Skinny Aminos, Skinny Ketchup and Skinny Veggie Chips, there is no meal big or small that won’t take a turn for the healthier.

Moms everywhere are raving about how 7 Grains’ careful product development leads many of them to eat healthier. Oh, and it’s a hit with the lot of us with dietary restrictions too! It’s that easy on the body.

Are you ready to get real? 7 Grains Pantry will be waiting for you.