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3G’s Homemade Spanish Style Bangus (Regular)

3g s   3G's Homemade Spanish Style Bangus
PHP  230.00

Yummy and delicious delicacy which happens to be healthy in a bottle

Is a favorite dish in Mama Lyn’s household. Perfected over time, tasted by friends and relatives, it is time to let others experience what this flavorful and delectable dish has to offer.
Each ingredient is carefully selected and handpicked by Mama Lyn herself to ensure freshness and the perfect quality. Every single bottle of Bangus is meticulously prepared and cooked based on the highest and strictest cooking measures with lots of love and loads of happiness because Mama Lyn will never settle for anything less than the best. So here it is, from Mama
Lyn’s dinner table to yours.

Ingredients: Fresh Bangus, Natural olive oil, Olive, Bayleaf, Black Pepper corn, (no preservative)
Flavor: Regular (not spicy)
Weight: 330 grams
Shelf Life: 12 months stored dry. Keep refrigerated once opened.

Estimated delivery time: 1-2 days
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