3G's Homemade Spanish Style Bangus Products

3's the Charm

3G’s Homemade Spanish Style Bangus comes from a place of faith, with the 3 Gs meaning God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. But it also sprung from a mother’s love for her three daughters, who are named Glenys, Givenchy, and Glayrie.

3G’s Homemade Spanish Style Bangus officially launched in December 2017 when Jem’s passion for cooking motivated her to start a business that would bring joy to the people she cooks for. Needless to say, she really loves to cook and it brings her so much joy whenever she cooks for her family and friends. But the real inspiration comes every time she sees people enjoying her dishes.

As a mother, Jem personally prepares food for her family, and this ethos of home-prepared food carefully made with love is carried on to 3G’s Homemade Spanish Style Bangus. She makes sure to personally prepare every bottle and pick every ingredient included in her dishes to make sure that each customer is satisfied; each customer feels at home with every bite!